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Sochi 2014: Rosa Khutor

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In the Krasnaya Polyana district you will find the Rosa Khutor which is home to two Olympic sites: The Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort and the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. Both of these sites reside in what is known as the Mountain Cluster.


Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort


The Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort can be found at the Aibga Ridge. During the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, it will host all of the Alpine Skiing events. These include Downhill, Downhill and Slalom (Combined), Giant Slalom and the Super Giant Slalom. With a length of 20 km and a capacity of 7500 people, it is definitely a good choice for these events.


The Alpine Center existed prior to 2014 Games and will continue to be a ski resort after they conclude. In the lead up to the Olympics, the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort hosted the following world-class events: 2011 International Ski Federation (FIS) Alpine Skiing European Cup; 2012 FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup; 2013 FIS Alpine Skiing European Cup Finals; 2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Cup Finals; and the 2013 IPCAS Para Snowboard.


Rosa Khutor Extreme Park


Located next to the Rosa Khutor Alpine Resort is the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park. The Extreme Park will host some of the most unique and exciting events of the 2014 Sochi games. Considering how popular extreme events are becoming, this is sure to be a very popular venue. There are two parts: the Freestyle Skiing Centre and the Snowboard Park. The Freestyle Skiing Centre can accommodate 4000 spectators while the Snowboard Park can hold 6250. Some of the sports on display during next year’s games include Aerial and Mogul competitions, Boardercross and Half-Pipe events. They will also host more traditional events such as Cross-Country Skiing and the Parallel Giant Slalom.


The Rosa Khutor Extreme Park has hosted events in the past including the Freestyle FIS European Cup and the Snowboard FIS European Cup in March 2012 as well as the Freestyle FIS World Cup and the Snowboard FIS World Cup in February and March in 2013. After the games, the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park will continue to be as a training centre.


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